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West Valley Motor Vehicle



Title/Registration Services

Title Transactions

  • Ownership Transfers
  • Add Owner(s) / Remove Owner(s)
  • Duplicate Title
  • Add / Remove Lienholder – Individual or Financial Institution
  • Salvage / Restored Salvage
  • Bonded Titles
  • Transfer vehicles into your Trust – must bring original Trust Documents.
  • Non-Probate Title Transfers
  • Out of State Title Transfers – Obtain State of Arizona Vehicle Emissions Testing for vehicle more than 5 years old. For vehicles being financed you must bring in the original loan document or a statement identifying the VIN number.

Registration Services

  • Mobile Home and Trailer Titles and Registrations
  • Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Decals
  • Golf Carts Titles and Registrations
  • Classic Car Registration and Historic Plates
  • Reinstate Registration Suspensions
  • Off Road All-Terrain Vehicle and Cycles (ATV/ATC) Titles and Registration
  • Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Decals
  • Duplicate Registration
  • Exemptions – Military and Non-Profits
  • Clear Registration Suspensions


  • Motor Vehicle Records – Driver’s License / Vehicle Records
  • Address Changes
  • De-insured Notices
  • Sold Notices
  • Replacement license plate / Lost Tab
  • Add or update insurance
  • Abandonment Reinstatements
  • Registration Penalty Fee Waiver for Non-Use


  • 30 Day General Use Permit
  • 90 Day General Use Permit – both resident and non-resident


  • Level I Inspections – Vin Corrections / Bonded / Abandoned Vehicles
  • Level II and Level III vehicle inspections can only be conducted by specially certified ADOT officers at ADOT ECD inspection locations, by appointment only. To schedule an online appointment, please go to for the date, time and location convenient to you.
  • Schedule Offsite Level I Inspection for Abandoned Vehicle(s) on your property or for a vehicle that is not running. Call for additional information. 

Notary Services

  • Notary Services for All motor vehicle form transactions
  • Notary Services for Other Documents not associated to vehicle transactions- $5.00

Special Plates / Personalized Plates

  • Plate Credit / Apply for a Refund
  • Plate Transfers
  • Disability Plates and Placards – New / Renew / Lost Placard or Plate

Arizona Driver Licenses and Testing Services

Arizona Driver’s License Information

  • Renewals, replacements, duplicates, reinstatements, new photos, address changes, name changes, new Arizona State Licenses

Written Test

  • Written and Driving test cut off is at 3:30pm Mon-Fri and Saturday’s until 2:30 pm – No Road Tests on Saturday
  • We do parallel parking only, No 3-point

Identification Cards

Voter Registration

Medical Review – Vision Testing only

Arizona Federal Travel ID

Drive License Types

  • Operator License (Class D)
  • Motorcycle License (Class M)
  • Graduated Driver License (Class G)

Driver License / Identification Card Application

  • All Driver’s License services require a new application to completed upon arrival

Driver’s License Manuals

Instruction Permit – Must be at least 15 years and 6 months

Under 21 Driver License

Arizona Federal Travel ID

Categories of identification documents are listed below with examples of qualifying documents.
  • Bring One Document: Proof of Identity (Birth certificate; U.S. Passport; Passport Card)
    • If you need a certified copy of an Arizona birth certificate, the Arizona Department of Health Services now accepts online orders with expedited processing.
  • Bring One Document: Proof of Social Security Number (Social Security card; W-2 form)
  • Bring Two Documents: Proof of Arizona Residency– two printed documents with your current Arizona residential address (Utility bills; Credit Card / Bank statements; insurance policy)
  • Note: If your current legal name is different from the one shown on a document, you must show legal proof of name change, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order. 
Those who don’t have the required residency documents must complete an Arizona Residency Affidavit and supply additional proof of residency.

Required Documents

Transferring a Title and Registration

  • Arizona state law required that you must put the vehicle in your name within 15 days of the sale date. A penalty fee will apply after the 15 days.
  • The initial fee for a late registration is $8, plus an additional $4 for each month it is overdue, not to exceed $100.
  • A signed and notarized vehicle title must be signed by all owners listed on the front of the title based on the Legal Status
  • On an Arizona title that has multiple owners, the names are determined by the Legal Status which determines which signatures will be required when selling the vehicle or performing other tasks such as adding or removing a name. There are 3 options:
    • “OR “– Either party can sign without the other being present to obtain a duplicate title, transfer ownership or sell the vehicle
    • “AND” – Both parties must be present to sign when doing title transactions or selling the vehicle. In the case of death of one of the parties, the vehicle will need to go through probate, or a non-probate application must be submitted with an original Death Certificate
    • “AND/OR” – Same rules as “AND” but with rights of survivorship. Death certificate constitutes a signature and thus, no probate form is needed.
  • A notarized lien release, if applicable
  • If there is a lien on the vehicle that has not been paid off, the notarized original lien release or written permission from the lienholder/lender will be required to add or delete a name.
  • Any other documents (i.e. original or certified copy of power of attorney, must be notarized, personal representative paperwork, original copy of Trust documents, Non-probate forms, Certified Copy of Death Certificate etc.)
  • All terrain and off-road recreational vehicles that operate only on dirt roads must be titled and have a plate but are exempt from registration and insurance requirements.
  • There are 4 options to registering all terrain/off road vehicles:
    • Title only – cannot be operated anywhere until it is registered
    • Exclusively off road will be issued a plate and an OHV Decal.
    • Primarily Off Road will receive reduced registration fees and issued an OHV Decal. Must always carry insurance or submit a De-insured when not in use. A one-year registration is offered only.
    • Exclusively off road will pay full registration for 1, 2 or 5 years. Must carry insurance or present a de-insured form when not in use.
  • All motor vehicle title and registration fees plus convenience fees are due at the time of registration


  • State of Arizona Vehicle Emissions Testing is needed if your vehicle is 6 years old or older.
    • The vehicle is 1966 or older are exempt from emissions
    • A Classic Vehicle must have Classic Insurance at the time it is registered and throughout the duration of registration to be exempt from emissions.
    • Motorcycles or Golf Carts are exempt from emissions
    • Vehicle is exempt if it is in a county or zip code that is exempt from emissions.
    • If your vehicle fails the initial or any subsequent emissions test, you will not be charged a penalty fee for late registration renewal if the original test was before the registration expiration date and the registration renewal is completed within 30 days of the original test.



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